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Very impressed with it! (medic).  I'll admit it I'm lazy. I don't like to quarantine. I saw a bunch of threads on AP about your product and I thought I might try it out. I bought it from J&L and I didn't think I would get it in time but next day shipping saved a ridiculously infested tank. I've kept the remainder as an "emergency" tool. Thanks again for your help.
- Andrew Ting

I've been keeping marine systems for over a decade. Even though I use strict 6-week quarantine on new fish I still get mild but visible ich infections on my powder blue tang every few months. I have no idea how it got in but it always takes about 2 weeks to run it's course. I used Medic on the last outbreak and It was gone in 3 days. This is the only reef-safe ich medication I feel is even worth being on shelves. Quarantine is still number 1 in my books but I know an effective medication when I use one. Great products guys.
Brian Liester

I have a 2 year old achilles surgeon fish and it can gets ick from time to time. Each time the disease last about two weeks. However (last week) I added solar wrasse. A few days later my achilles was covered in white spots. It was very gross to look at and he was not swimming or eating. I started dosing (medic) and on the third day it was starting to look like it might get better. I continue to dose for 5 more day after to just be sure. I stopped dosing after 5 day and the fish was completely better. Eating very happy. It has been more than one month and I have not seen any ick come back. Thank you very much Kevin.
Benson Wong

System Reef-resh™
(I am only using the RF-Fuel and RF-Genesis components but) one thing I can tell you for sure about the Reef-resh is the crystal clear water. It was never so clear before.

Laird Meiklejohn

I bought (Reef-resh) for colouration improvements. So this is most important to me. All of my SPS across the board are blatantly becoming less brown. Simple as that. Millipora, birdsnest, stylophora plus a dozen acros that I don't know the name of.
-Kerin Brodie

I've had a reef tank for 7 years or so, and so am skeptical of new products, that sound too good to be true, but the more I researched your use of new beneficial bacteria, the more curious I got. So I've been using the Polyp Lab System for a month and a half and I've already had some good results. My persistent cyano algae has finally disappeared, and that in turn seems to have put a dent in the flatworms that have been habitating the cyano. Polyp extension was better after a week too, so needless to say I'm pretty happy. I cant wait to see the longer term effects, but in the meantime I'd love to hear more in depth discussion of the biological processes going with your System. Anyway, Thanks!
Chris Morris from www.reefvideos.com

I've been in the hobby for 3 years but I only have a 4 acro colonies. They have been in my tank for over a year with minimal growth and what I can only describe as "brown" colors. I have been using the system for 3 months and the difference is very obvious. Colours have slowly come back, but I'm seeing a very big improvement in growth rates. Thanks again for the help with the dripping instructions.
Jonathan Aird

(I run a) DSB in my setup. I've seen much faster growth rates since I've started using the product (Reef-resh). Nitrates are undetectable for the first time since the tank has been running. Phosphates are less than 0.03 using a D&D high sensitivity kit.
-Leo Mahar


I bought a jar of your reefroids from NAFB. I’ve always had problems feeding my red suncoral. I know you have to feed them often but I could never get them to open up when I had time to feed. I’ve tried cyclopeeze, golden pearls, a dozen of other liquid foods from the LFS, none of them really seem to make my red suncoral open up consistently. The moment I put the reefroids in the water the suncoral opened up. Even with my lights on. The tentacles were also larger than I’ve ever seen. I tested it out a couple of times this week and, without fail, they open up each and every time. Thanks!
Pankaj Sajnani

Hey there polyp lab, I don’t send in emails like this very often, but I really feel like I need to give you guys a pat on the back. I was hesitant in purchasing yet ANOTHER coral food, but I'm very glad I did. I’m not kidding when I say that everything goes buckwild in the tank when I feed it. It's more reactive than cyclopeeze or even live rotifers. I’m talking about absolutely insane polyp extensions across the board. Leathers, brains, sun corals, candy canes, across… they all love it. Thumbs up for this product.
Graham Reid

I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find a convenient food for baby seahorses. I used to hatch baby brine shrimp but if you’ve ever tried it, it is one of the most annoying and messy tasks in the world. I ordered some Reefroids off of your site for my reef. (great company logo btw). Out of curiosity I put a pinch of reefroids into my tank with a dozen baby Reidi (just to see what would happen lol). They ate it. I couldn’t believe it! Hopefully the entire batch will survive. Thanks again.
Ian Tooley

I got my sample of reefroids a couple of weeks ago and I tried it in my 65G. I keep mostly zoos and ricordias. I’ve seen my rics eat things before but this is the first time I’ve ever seen my zoos eat something. In fact I never knew that that they ate foods. I just thought they needed light. After feeding my tank for 2 weeks, I've run out so I’ll be buying a full bottle from ocean aquatics when they get it in. Thanks again for the sample.
Tina Bowman

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