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Reef Roids questions

Reef-roids a mix of other coral foods?

No. Reef-roids is a unique product that has been engineered at Polyp Lab. There are no commercial products in Reef-roids.

What is Reef-roids made of?

There are several species of planktons in Reef-roids. These are natural planktons that have not been processed and are not based on ground fishmeal. In addition to the planktons, there is a unique strain of zooplankton in this product that we have determined to be extremely palatable and nutritious to corals.

Will Reef-roids pollute my water?

Other coral foods often consist of processed fish meals which can easily pollute your water. Every ingredient in Reef-roids is made from unprocessed and water-stable ingredients. Consequently, the product will not significantly degrade water quality even if fed often.


Is Medic™ reef-safe?

Yes. We have tested Medic™ in many different reef aquarium conditions and we have found absolutely no adverse effects on any corals or invertebrates.

Can I run my protein skimmer while using Medic™?

Yes, During the use of the product, it is recommended to continue the use of your protein skimmer.

Can I use other medications while using Medic™?

We do not recommend using Medic™ concurrently with other forms of medication. If you chose to use other medications during the use of Medic, you will be doing so at your own risk.

Can I use Medic in a hyposaline quarantine environment?

Yes. The medication is not adversely affected by hyposalinity.

Why is it important not to use UV/Ozone/carbon during treatment?

UV sterilizers and ozone generators will react with the oxidizing components of Medic™. In addition, the use of carbon will remove the anti-biotic component of the medication. In either of these cases, the effectiveness of the medication will be significantly reduced.


Is there any other equipment to buy?

No. There is no additional equipment to make the System RF run efficiently.

How much does it cost to run the system?

Once established, it will cost around 17 dollars a month to maintain the system in a 90G tank. There is no additional equipment required to make the system operate and there is no electrical cost for running the system.

Doesn't my aquarium have huge amounts of bacteria already? Why do I need more?

It is true that marine aquariums are very well populated with bacteria. However, System RF introduces planktonic bacterial strains that exist in very limited numbers in established aquariums. In addition, the customized ratio of the different strains make the bacterial team in RF-Genesis very efficient at nutrient export. Dosing as instructed prevents aquariums from becoming bacterial monocultures.

Is this product only for SPS dominant tanks? Will my mixed reef or fish only tank benefit from this system?

System RF will benefit all marine aquarium. By using RF-Genesis and RF-Fuel, excellent water quality can be steadily achieved. RF-Acids and RF-Plus provide readily absorbed nutritional components for better growth and colouration for all corals. SPS corals will experience the most significant improvements.

Can System RF be integrated into established tanks without a negative impact on the water parameters? I’ve read of people starting with other bacterial based methods and having their corals bleach due to the sudden decrease in dissolved organics.

When we designed this system, we discovered that many probiotic based systems were overly aggressive in nutrient removal. "Vodka dosing" and other popular European methods tend to rapidly strip the water of nutrients which can result in disastrous bleaching events for corals. System RF is a more elegant solution that safely lowers nutrient levels in your tank to achieve pristine water quality.

Does System Reef-resh™ replace the need of running a skimmer?

Definitely not. System RF is designed to be integrated into traditional methods of reef keeping. Although skimmerless aquarium setups will experience some benefits of using the System, they will not achieve the maximum potential of the product.

Can I run an ozone or phosphate reactor while running the System?

In our studies, we found that running an ozone generator while using System RF was not harmful. Running ozone to obtain an ORP reading of around 400mV still allows bacteria to operate at high effectivity. Although ozonation does destroy some planktonic bacteria, the impact on the system is low.

This is not to say that ozone is necessary for the System RF to work, but it will run even more efficiently.

Although, it is not necessary to run phosphate media with System RF, we have not seen any negatives effects of running manufacture recommended doses of phosphate removal products. However, using the media at significantly larger doses can interfere with the nutrient removal capabilities of the bacterial biofilms.

Can I run a UV sterilizer while running the System?

We do not recommend using a UV sterilizer with System Reef-resh. UV sterilzers will kill a significant part of the bacterial population required for System RF to work effectively.

How strictly do I have to follow the dosing schedule?. What if I miss a day or two?

How strictly do I have to follow the dosing schedule?. What if I miss a day or two? We have formulated each of the four components to operate together as an optimized system. If you miss a scheduled dose, just continue dosing the System as soon as your schedule allows.

Is it possible to overdose the components of the system? Can I increase dosage to get faster results?

Is it possible to overdose the components of the system? Can I increase dosage to get faster results? It is difficult to overdose the components of System RF. In our tests, when dosing even 5X the prescribed dosage for all the components, there was not any noticeable negative effects in the tanks. However, it should be noted that increasing the dose would not be economically efficient use of the product. Optimum results are achieved when dosing the product as instructed. And like all things in this hobby, good results come with patience and time.


Can I use One to raise calcium/alkalinity levels?

Dosing One is an excellent method of maintaining ideal levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. It is also a great way to gradually raise these levels. However, we do not recommend using One to drastically elevate these parameters due to the mechanics of the product. Calcium chloride and Baking Soda are good for that purpose.

Why are the balanced parameters on the low end?

We formulated One to maintain water parameters on the low end of recommended values (particularly alkalinity). This was to lower risks of overdosing. If users are inclined to raising it, they are more than welcome to dose more heavily. But it is up to the discretion of the hobbyist to maintain higher levels.

Why are extra hydroxides added to One? Isn't calcium acetate balanced by itself?

In theory, calcium acetate should be balanced by itself, but under certain circumstances, bacteria can consume acetate ions as a carbon source. As a result, the acetate ends up serving as a nitrate reduction mechanism but sometimes at the cost of reduced alkalinity. The addition of hydroxide salts serves to raise alkalinity.

Will One effect the pH levels in my tank

SIf no other additives are used, One has the tendency to bring aquarium pH to around 8.1 - 8.2

Will any residual compounds build up from use?

No. We use pharmaceutical grade products and there are absolutely no residual ions from the processes involved in One. However, acetate ions have been theorized to help reduce nitrate levels. (Likely as a result of bacteria consuming the acetate as a carbon source). As a result, some users may see harmless bacterial masses building up.

I’ve been using One for a few weeks and have noticed a brown buildup in my sump. What is this?

Some users who dose One heavily may notice a brown build up in their sumps. These are bacterial build ups as described above. You can scoop it out, or leave it in your aquarium to serve as a helpful nutrient reduction mechanism! (Primarily nitrate and phosphate reduction).

Can One be used with automatic dosing systems such as with peristaltic pumps etc.

Unfotunately, One needs to be shaken thoroughly prior to dosing. As a result regular dosing systems will not work.

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